Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ways in which I geek

First. Yesterday, I received the Torchwood Season Two Bonus Features DVD from Netflix and my own (used) copy of Firefly.

Second. I'm reading Firefly fan fiction every spare moment on my little iPhone screen.

Third. I am reading recaps of Torchwood, Firefly, and Dollhouse on line at , Television Without Pity ( and

Fourth. Now that I have internet access at home, I'm planning to watch Dollhouse on line.

Fifth. The new Star Trek movie opens this weekend. However, I'm not going to see it this weekend. Probably later and definitely on DVD. Because I heart the extras.

Since Husband is most definitely not a sci fi fan, I will have to find times when he's not around to watch all these hours of sci fi TV.

And just think of all the knitting time! Still working on the Sean Scully Malabrigo afghan. Because a huge lapful of wool is fun in 80 degree weather.

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KnitTech said...

I'll put headphones on and watch (or listen) to something while Grilltech watches his "train wrecks".