Monday, May 11, 2009

Ears ringing

I watched 2 episodes of Dollhouse on line with the headphones on and now my eardrums are throbbing. The audio on the little netbook aren't great. And the airconditioning units on the roof of the building across the street are so loud, I need headphones in order to hear.

Anyway, now I've watched the last 4 episodes of Dollhouse so far and really hope it gets renewed. I want to find out:

1. what happens with Alpha, because I heart Alan Tudyk, mainly because he played Wash on Firefly and anyone married to kick-ass Zoe has to be worth something. Plus, I love the funny and Wash (and Simon in his straight-laced understated way) brought the funny.

2. what happens with Sierra and Victor. Even as dolls, they have some feelings for each other and I want to see what happens with them. Because I'm all about the love.

3. what happens with DeWitt. She's the boss and holds everyone at arm's length. But she also programmed Victor as "Roger" to have some love and relationship in her life. Then she realizes that wasn't a great idea and so shelves "Roger." What's the consequences of that? Again, I'm all about the love. I also just read the recap for the episode "Echoes" on Television Without Pity and really want to see what she's like when under the influence.

4. what happens to the other dolls, esp Whiskey and November, who's now been freed?

5. what's the stories behind Boyd, Topher, Ivy and the other staff that they work at the Dollhouse?

As I watched, I worked on the Sean Scully Malabrigo afghan.

I have a ball of "Butter" Malabrigo and yellow Lamb's Pride Superwash in "Lemon Ice" and a ball of Malabrigo in "Tiger Lily" that I'll stripe along the right edge. When those are done, then all the Malabrigo will be done and the afghan will be done.

Yay! because it's getting a bit warm to have a huge lapfull of wool.

Notes about other Firefly alum:

I know this was the season finale for Castle with Nathan Fillion, another Firefly alum, but I had to turn it off half way through. I really want to support NF, but just can't watch a whole episode.

Also, I've put season one of Chuck on Netflix (did I mention that already in a previous post?) but may move it up the queue.


KnitTech said...

The blanket is really coming together! How long is it going to be?

Red said...

It'll probably end up being about 6 feet by 4 feet. I'll include measurements in the post when I finish.