Friday, March 13, 2009


I've watched each episode of Firefly and I think it's time to step up the geek TV. So I'm going for Torchwood. I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan, but think I can get into Torchwood, which is supposed to be darker.

Today I got my new library card for the city of Atlanta. I haven't moved into the new place yet, but already I'm getting the bills there. So I got my new card and got some new books. But I'm most excited in that the Atlanta public library has the Serenity/Firefly books and season one of Torchwood, which I have requested. I'm second in line.

There's 7 disks of Torchwood and I can check it out only a week at a time. I'm thinking if I like what I'll see in that week, I'll buy the box set from Amazon. And then share it with Sister, who lent me Firefly and Serenity to begin with.

I'm not ready to call myself a Browncoat (Serenity/Firefly fan) but I do wish it wasn't cancelled. I doubt it'll be resurrected anytime soon, given that Joss Whedon has another show out now, as does Nathan Fillion who played Captain Tightpants -- I mean Capt. Reynolds -- in Firefly.

I tried Battlestar Gallactica but I've missed way to much and very little means much to me. Hence the need to move on to other escapist TV and Torchwood.

ETA: I broke down and ordered season 1 of Torchwood. I waited too long and the cheapest used copy was gone, but still got a new copy for about half the Amazon price. Husband's got a hockey game Friday night, so I have hours to fill. I'll probably take a break to watch Dollhouse too.

Last night, I tried watching Castle, Nathan Fillion's new show but just couldn't get into it. Both lead characters are played too heavily. Now I know what critics mean by shows trying too hard. Plus, Castle just talks too damn much.

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