Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday night Whedon-fest

Okay, I broke down and bought the collector's edition of Serenity with the bonus extras. I love the extras. I love knowing the story behind the stories and the creative process.

Tonight, Husband's off to a hockey game so I'll have the evening to myself. I'll be firmly parked on the couch, knitting away on the Sean Scully blanket as I watch hours of Serenity. I will take a break to watch Dollhouse. I missed Firefly when it was actually on TV and I never watched Buffy. I actually would like to be current on a Joss Whedon show this time around. Also, Whedon's apparently been touting tonight's episode as the one to watch because it explains things for those of us who missed the past few episodes.

Shades of Firefly. Fox aired the Firefly episodes out of order and left out entire episodes, which didn't help the show find viewers.

Plus, Alan Tudyk (Wash) is rumored to be on the show, so I'll be keeping an eye out for him.

Yes, I am geeking and geeking hard.

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