Monday, October 22, 2007

Yay! It's raining!

So happy. In the SouthEast US, we are experiencing some awful drought. Total outdoor watering in half of Georgia. Lake levels extremely low. And so on.

But now it's raining! We won't get even one inch, probably, and we're deficit about 20 inches, but still, so good to have the rain.

We've been using a bucket in the shower to catch grey water and using that to water the outdoor plants. It's so dry, that if I water to fast, the water rolls right off the top, down the sides and out the bottom of the pot. The soil is so dry it won't absorb and the water's just wasted. But if it drizzles all day, then the soil should finally moisten up and be able to absorb the water.

In other news, I think I may have caught Husband's cold. Feeling sluggish and the overcast weather isn't helping. But I must power through today. Have the Kaffe Fassett lecture tonight next door!

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