Monday, October 22, 2007

Second Asian American Governor elected

Bobby Jindal, Republican, won the governorship in Louisiana this weekend. The son of Indian immigrants, the news keeps saying he's the first ever non-white governor of Louisiana.

What I think is more significant is that he's only the second Asian-American elected governor, after Gary Locke, Democrat,of Washington state. According to Wikipedia, however, when Locke (of Chinese descent) was selected to rebut GWBush's speech one year, he was brought to national attention and started getting anti-Asian hate mail. Nice. We've come a long way in some aspects, but not others, clearly.

On the one hand, I'm always happy to see an Asian-American gain state-wide elected office, especially in conservative areas. It's an indicator that Asian-Americans are gaining ground in acceptance.

On the other hand, Jindal's a conservative, supports "intelligent design" instead of evolution, and wants to use the free-market to fix the health care crisis. These are things I don't support, and if I lived in LA, these policy platforms would prevent me from voting for Jindal, as much as I'd like to support another Asian-American.

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