Thursday, July 12, 2007

Resisted Temptation

I'm so proud of myself :) I drove right past my favorite yarn shop and did not stop in.

It was good to have the support group yesterday. The hardest part of every manager's job, I think, is human resources. Just look at how many articles and books are written about how to get along with difficult people at work.

So it was good to commiserate with peers in this regard. And it wasn't all complaining. Each person at the the "meeting" last night has a different management style and I got some good ideas. Mostly, I'm hoping for human cloning to work, so I can clone one of their employees and have her come work for me too.

At work, one of my best employees is leaving. It's a great step up for her, doing the same job but internationally and one of the offices she will be working at is in her country of origin. It'll be the first time she's been back there in 15 years. So that's the good part.

The bad part of course is that I have 10 days to find someone to replace her. Then I found out that someone I want to hire may have H1-B visa issues. It's true, the hardest part of any executive's job is not the selling or product development or anything. It's human resources. And no one ever tells you that!

However, as one of my friends said last night, the only thing she can control is herself and her own reactions. She took a month off to visit her country of origin with her sons and for the first week she had panic attacks, worrying about work. Eventually she realized that she was doing this to herself and since her reactions are under her control and not the other way around, she just relaxed and let it go.

So I am trying to put that in practice. I will not let myself freak out over things any more. No one is injured, no one is dying. Therefore, it is not really a crisis and yes, this too shall pass.

So when will it pass, already!

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Stacey said...

Losing an employee is very stressful, but one always gets through it. And I usually liked the new person I hired. Hang in there.