Friday, July 6, 2007

Not the Transmission

Car update: It was the right CV axle. The clip that keeps it connected to the transmission was broken, so the axle fell out. What burns me is that the whole axle assembly was replaced just 2 weeks ago! I did not take it back to Formula One, the original mechanic even though the axle was still under warranty. It would have cost about the same amount to have it towed from Cottman AAMCO to Formula One, as it would for Cottman to just replace the damn thing. I am never going back to Formula One, even for the warranty. It just pisses me off every time I think about it and I don't need that aggravation. See previous post called "Need a Vacation."

Speaking of vacation, I've been out of the office all week while Husband's family was in town. And they left this morning. They're very nice people and all that, but it's so nice to have the house back. Highlights of this week:

1. DeKalb Farmer's Market. Even though I go to their prepared food bar for lunch most days, I don't shop there. So having the time to look at all the international foods, and fresh foods, was fun.
2. Watching Run, Lola, Run, as a bit of inspiration for Brother-in-law, the night before the Peachtree Road Race.
3. Marrietta Square for dinner and then the fireworks on July 4.
4. High Museum of Art, to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibit and the Louvre Atlanta exhibit. I most especially liked the reproduction of what Marie Antoinette and Louis (can't remember which) wore as they sat down for dessert. The clothes were made out of paper by a Belgian artist. I thought that was so cool. The sailing ship in Marie's hair, on the other hand, was ridiculous.
5. Getting my car back. Not that there should have been any problem to begin with!

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