Sunday, July 15, 2007

Order of the Phoenix

In preparation for watching Order of the Phoenix tonight, I rewatched Goblet of Fire. Again, I was disappointed at how much was left out, but what can you do? GoF is a big book and there's no way it could all fit in one movie.

Husband did come to see OotP with me and Brother One. Not having read the book, he was a bit lost. Especially about how the other kids could ride the thestrals when only Harry and Luna could see them. Just because they're not always visible doesn't mean they don't exist.

Like everyone else, I thought Imelda Staunton did a great job as Dolores Jane Umbridge. Evanna Lynch did a good job as Luna Lovegood, and I liked how Neville really grew, starting with GoF. I wish they would give Ron more to do than just be the goofy friend.

I didn't like that they made Cho be the one to betray Dumbledore's Army, but they did provide a good explanation for why she did it, later.

There are glimpses of Ginny's jealosy of Cho and interest in Harry, which is very interesting considering Ginny and Harry hook up in Half Blood Prince. But then, ever since Chamber of Secrets, you knew that Ginny had a crush on Harry.

And Ginny is shown as having really strong magical skills. I like Ginny in the books but don't like how Bonnie Wright portrays her. I always imagined that Ginny has more sass than we see in the movies.

I think I need to see OotP again. There were times, especially when they were in the Ministry of Magic, that I wanted to pause the movie to look closer at the details. And I wanted to slow down the fight scenes to better understand what was going on.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie and look forward to buying the DVD. Hope there are good extras.

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