Thursday, July 26, 2007

Going on Vacation

To Buffalo, NY.

Husband's father side is from that area and this weekend is the annual family reunion. We will actually be at a cottage on the shores of Lake Ontario. There used to be a beach, but it's eroded away over the years.

On a good, clear day, we can see the CN tower in Toronto across the lake.

An added bonus this year is the chance to catch up with friends who moved to Buffalo. I went to grad school with R and he's now a professor of sociology at a Buffalo university. Becoming a professor was always his ambition, so while in grad school, he served on department committees, in the sociology club, etc. And now he has his goal.

I on the other hand, would take 2 sociology classes and one art class. One quarter, I signed up for pottery and just fell in love. Fortunately, I've been able to continue taking pottery classes at the county parks and recreation, which is just 3 miles from my house!

But this weekend, it will be about eating, drinking, knitting, crocheting, talking, fishing, and most of all, chilling out.


Wet Drake said...

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KnitTech said...

Hope the vacation is fun and relaxing.