Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Missing Cat

My cat is missing. It's not the first time that he's disappeared, but this time I'm also concerned about his health.

Over the weekend, it was about 94 degrees in Atlanta and Moises would hang outside, under my car in the shade. Saturday evening, he came in, walked a few steps, then crouched down and was breathing rapidly. No open mouth panting, but we could hear him breathing shallowly and rapidly. I figured it was heat-related, but with some water and rest, he'd be okay. Later, hid out under the bed, but looked more relaxed, laying on his side, still breathing rapidly, with a bit of wheezing sound.

Sometime in the night, he jumped up to the top of the closet. He can't be too bad off if he can jump to the top of a tall dresser, then another few feet to the top of the closet, right?

The next morning, Sunday, he jumped down, walked down the hall, and waited to be let out again. Pretty much all day Sunday, again 94 degrees, he lay under my car. As I did yardwork (cutting down the rest of the overgrown holly shrubs), walking past my car repeatedly, I would see him down there.

Every once in a while, I'd go over to pet him. He would shy away from my hand, but eventually let me pet him. Finally, about 3pm or so, at about the hottest part of the day, I picked him up and put him inside, where he could at least get some water. I certainly was taking water breaks every half hour, so I figured he could use one too.

Sunday evening, I wondered where the cat was and went looking around the house. He wasn't in our bedroom, under the bed or up in the closet, wasn't under any other beds or tables, or behind couches. Husband said he let Moises out at about 4pm, and we haven't seen him since.

Sunday night I stayed up until 1:30am waiting for him, no show. Last night too, he never came home.

I'm a bit concerned because of his panting. Hopefully, he's at the next door neighbor's house, like the last time he disappeared. Earlier this year, Moises was gone for about a week. Then one day, Husband looked over to the neighbhor's big screened in porch and saw Moises pawing at the screen door, wanting to come home. Neighbor's porch as a cat door, and Moises decided to go have a sleep over with Zeus and Hera, without telling us or Neighbor. When I went over to get Moises, Neighbor said he didn't even know Moises was over there. I took over some cans of cat food, to compensate for the food Moises must have eaten for the days he was over there.

This time, though, I haven't seen Moises in their porch. Hope he comes home soon.
I'd hate to lose him too.

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