Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cat update and going to NOLA

Can I just say that the blogging community is cool? Here I have a new blog (about 3 months old) and already, people leaving comments! Thank you so much. It's just really cool to know that there are people out there, people I don't even know, who care about the same things I care about.

Like my cat. So I said that Moises came home finally on June 14, but wasn't eating. Mostly he just laid around, but a more lethargic laying-around, if that is even possible with cats. On Saturday, I saw him drink some water. Then Sunday we got wet food and cat milk, that is, cow milk modified for cats and kittens.

He had quite the buffet to choose from: dry food, wet food, cat milk, water. At one point we also gave him a piece of fish -- no spices at all -- which he usually pounces on.

On the other hand, he has more energy, jumping onto my lap, demanding affection. He didn't care that I was knitting (and unknitting) Sister's sweater. That's a good sign. Then he's been nibbling at the dry food (wet food and cat milk was untouched).

Best of all, yesterday he came running down the hall when I got home. However, he did not get to go outside, like he usually does, because it was midnight. I had dinner with my friend B and her three-and-three-quarters year old daughter. A fun girls night in.

We are heading to New Orleans today. Husband has a meeting there tomorrow, I'm just along for the trip. I've never been to N.O. and it's B's favorite city, so now I have lots of suggestions on what to do. I wonder if there are any yarn shops. It's hot in N.O. so I guess there's not much of a wool knitting tradition, so little customer base there. Plus in the post-Katrina rebuilding, and decreased residential population, I'm guessing there's even less of the a customer base now. But if there is a yarn shop open in N.O. I will find it.

Moises will be left alone for two days. I wonder if, when we come back, he'll be so pissed at us that he'll run off again this weekend. But it's so hot now and his strength isn't all back, so I hope he'll prefer the airconditioned comfort and secure food supply of home.

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KnitTech said...

Enjoy the trip.

Glad the cat is feeling better. (Can't remember his name and I saw it three seconds ago, does that mean I'm a gold fish?)

Also: tag, your it!