Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day...

I have cut down the 9 pine trees in my yard. Now I have only 2 dogwood trees and lots of overgrown holly and azalea shrubs.

We took them down because they sway alarmingly during storms. Every year some tree comes down and takes out power lines. Thankfully, they haven't taken out any houses or cars, but I'm not waiting for that to happen.

The pine needles that fall from them also suppress grass growth and now half our lawn is just dirt. Attractive. Husband wants to tear everything up and put down sod and maybe a sprinkler system.

This Saturday morning, a landscape designer will come out to give us a plan. If we're going to redo the front yard, we're going to redo it right.

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Stacey said...

I think it is interesting that you are looking at increasing your lawn and I'm looking forward to having less lawn. In Denver, lawns only survive with watering, which I'm not a fan of doing. Once we buy a house, I figure we'll replace most of the scrubby lawn with xeriscaping.