Friday, May 18, 2007

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Ah, Friday. Almost the weekend and no meetings today. So that means I can catch up on my blogging! I mean my work blog.

In March I went on a fellowship trip throughout Europe, using work time. There's a board meeting coming up Sunday. Therefore, I must finish typing up my notes from the trip and post it on the blog for the board of directors to read (if they want to). Hopefully, at the end, this typing and thinking and reflecting will result in Lessons Learned for me to report to the board. Because in my line of work, there are always a Lessons Learned section in any written report.

However, on the way into work, I almost snorted up my coffee onto my white pants because I was listening to Lime and Violet's latest podcast. If you have not heard them, you must click on their link to the right and sign up right now. They are hilarious and make my commute much easier to bear. Not my commute is all that bad, usually.

This weekend will be my last pottery class until the fall because the place I go for classes doesn't offer adult evening classes in summer. Something about school being out and kids needing classes. Yes, but their classes are in the day. We adults, who pay the taxes for the county facility and pay the kids classes costs, would still like our classes in the evening. I am not seeing how offering day classes prohibits offering evening classes. Every summer, I compose a letter to the county about this, and I never send it. But this year I will.

So until pottery classes start again in the fall, I'll join one of the s 'n' b s in the Atlanta area. There are plenty, to choose from. And then by the time World Wide Knit in Public Day comes on June 9, I'll know people to go with.

In Atlanta, it will be held at the IKEA cafe starting at 11am. So come out and represent!

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