Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Someone need a hat?

Well, the beret is a little too big for me. I've got 2 inches of brim done and started increasing and then found out it's too big. I thought about frogging it, but had 3 more skeins of the Manos on it's way, so put it aside for now.

The good news is that my big box o' Manos yarn should be on my doorstep tonight. I could go home and continue the never ending yard work. The front of our house is obscured by overgrown azaleas and holly bushes. Husband and I have cut them down to about 6 inches tall. This is called renewing. The roots are still there, so new growth will come back in a few weeks.

But in the meantime, I look like I lost a fight with several cats. Hauling away the holly branches is tricky business and I have scratches all over my arms and legs.

But tonight, I will sit on the back patio in the 80 degree heat, knit wool hats, and read Brother One's original fiction. The funny part is he based the main character on the little girl in that phone commercial who texts her BFF Jill too much.

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