Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm on Lime and Violet!

Just heard Lime and Violet's podcast#34: A Brief Interlude of NotYarn. They mentioned a link that I e-mailed them and I squee-ed out loud. Good thing I was alone in the car.

Purlescence, a yarn shop, had a contest asking what storybook characters would have knit. I sent them the link to a pattern to some lacy thigh-high stockings Cinderella would have knit.

Lime and Violet are my favorite podcasters, and they're in my links list to the right. Their show is ostensibly about knitting, and they love, love, love socks. So I thought they'd get a kick out of the Cinderella stockings.

Lime and Violet are two women who some how ended up in Omaha, Nebraska, became friends, and got into knitting. They're former Goths and Ms. Violet is married to Side Show Husband, who does things like eat fire, light his head on fire, and I think piercings of some sort. Ms. Lime is dating Kilt Boy, a sound engineer for rock shows. They go to clubs and side shows and knit and people think they're the strange ones. Half their show is not about knitting or yarn, but other funny and bizarre things going on in their lives, sometimes involving Side Show Husband and Kilt Boy, and it often involves drinking and cursing. Much of their show makes me laugh out loud.

So I was very, very excited that they mentioned my e-mail and my name, even if it was mispronounced.

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