Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Caprica Cancelled.


It did a lot of world building w/ great ideas about family, technology, artificial intelligence, culture, religion, the afterlife, politics, business and all kinds of possibilities. With compelling and complex characters, many of whom were women and girls. Things that i want from good drama and sci fi.

But, Caprica had no space fights so it got cancelled. Frak SyFy. I no longer have any reason to watch that channel. At least not until next year when they air the last episodes.

And what was the point of airing 9 eps, wait 6 months, air 3 eps, then cancel and air the last 4 or so eps yet another 3 mos later? No wonder the audience was shrinking.

eta: lots of great articles out there lamenting its end. I really like this one


Hazel said...

I'm not surprised it was cancelled but I am particularly peeved that they aren't airing the final episodes now.

It wasn't perfect - I thought the Adamas were dull, dull, dull - but female characters like Sister Clarice, Amanda, Zoe (in all her incarnations) and Lacey (and the actors playing them) were fascinating and varied.

And it enticed Meg Tilly back to the screen after a fifteen year absence! That was great.

KnitTech said...

They did that to Flash Gordon as well a few years ago. They don't exactly have the best track record with Sci-fi.

GrillTech said...

It's been a bad month for Eric Stoltz. First the 25th anniversery release of Back to the Future comes out along with his original scenes. With that we find out he was let go because he wasn't funny enough in the Marty Mcfly role. Now Caprica gets canceled. Poor guy.

SyFy has been sliding down for awhile, friday night wrestling? Why SyFy why?