Friday, October 22, 2010


Sister's wedding was lovely. I did say a few words at the ceremony, taken mostly from "On Marriage" by Khalil Gibran.

Husband hadn't been to the Washington, DC area since a kid while I go every year for work or to see Sister, so I'm glad he was finally able to visit. We went to the Udvar-Hazy air and space exhibit which he'd wanted to for a while. It's a huge hanger full of planes, helicopters, even the space shuttle. It. was. huge.

It was great to see all the family, and my parents and Brother One came back to Atlanta with us. I took the week off from work to hang out with them and that was very nice.

Coming down with a cold, on the other hand, was not so nice. I've been at a conference in Atlanta all week this week. So I've been out of the office 2 and half weeks but been in Atlanta for most of that time. It's going to be hard to go back to the office next week.

But first, tonight, Husband and I will go out to dinner and celebrate our 11th anniversary.


Saranga said...

happy anniversary!

KnitTech said...

Happy belated anniversary!