Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter sports

Yesterday, I got up for jury duty and thought I'd take another look at where I was to report. Upon closer reading of the jury summons, it turns out I was in a standby group. I love that we can call in and see which groups need to report the next day and it turns out my group wasn't called for duty. So back to bed I went.

I ended up taking 3 naps yesterday. It was great.

Today, I'm taking another sick day. I'm feeling better, but why push it. I will have to go into the office on Sunday to get some things done for Monday, but no other pressing things, so I'm taking it easy today. May take only 1 nap today.

So I'm watching women's curling on the winter Olympics. Kind of a funny sport. I think of a sport as something that requires skills and physical prowess. You know, something that makes you sweat and breathe hard. Not seeing much exertion in curling. Skills and strategy I see, but not sweat. It's a sedate game with lots of contemplation of strategy.

Later in the day I'm going to buy tickets for an Atlanta Thrashers hockey game. Now that's a sport. There's definitely physical exertion. Skills and strategy too but not as contemplative.

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