Friday, January 29, 2010

Hat time

I've been on a beret knitting kick. I finished one a few weeks ago, but it was too big so I frogged it.

Then I crocheted this, which is a little tight and a little itchy. That's surprising because it's Bearfoot sock yarn, I think the Bitterroot Rainbow colorway from Mountain Colors. I figure it would be non-itchy if it's meant to be worn next to the skin.
I finished it last night and immediately cast on for a third beret, which I hope will be just right.

It's Merisoft Handpainted colorway HP 72. Lovely name, no? It's 100% merino, so should be much softer and comfortable against my forehead.

As I went through my stash looking for yarn, I pressed the skeins against my forehead to gauge the itch factor. I must have looked pretty silly to anyone watching through the window at midnight last night.

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