Monday, January 11, 2010

Enough time?

A friend of mine is expecting a baby boy in March. Just found out. Need to make a blanket.

I have the following projects on the go
1. Noro log cabin blanket -- half done
2. top down raglan cardigan -- half done
3. crochet beret -- just began
4. portable small triangular shawl -- about a third done

We'll just ignore the other works in progress hibernating under the sofa. Literally, they are in a box under the sofa.

However, one is a machine-washable square that I was going to make into a throw cushion cover. I could crochet on a striped border and finish it that way.

Hm. That's an idea. Not as much fun as shopping for a brand new project though.

I have three months. Do I have enough time?

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KnitTech said...

Only if you don't sleep.