Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Apparently there's a magazine called V and they are doing an issue with plus size women. By plus size, they mean size 10 or 12. I found out about it in today's NYTimes at

I applaud this effort. I mean, look at these women. They look great!

I am a feminist and I like to look good. What we consider beautiful is influenced by the culture we live in. I live in the USA which generally defines beautiful women as women who are young, white, blond, blue eyed, skinny, and tall.

Well, I am none of those. I am ethnically Chinese, short, and a size 8-ish.

I know, there are plenty of people in the US who would also find that attractive, even without the creeps who fetishize Asian women. And my ego being what it is, I think that I no matter my age, I'd be able to get a good and good looking man.

I haven't bought a fashion magazine in a while but I'm going to look for this one.

And look for the Asian American magazines that address fashion. I know they're out there!


Saranga said...

How on earth are they plus size?

That woman in the black and white pic is gorgeous, but not plus size, and I bet she's been airbrushed.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but this strikes me as an attempt by the magazine to get cookies by featuring 'larger' women but not actually using fat women - because in their heads, who'd want to look at women bigger than a size 12?

Red said...

Saranga, I take your point. As the article mentions, size 12 is not really plus size, since it's actually the American average.