Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snapshots from Thanksgiving 2009

First, the menu for the big day, which I made, for the first time. Usually Husband does the cooking.

1. 10 lb turkey
2. collard greens
3. sweet potatoes wrapped in prosciutto
4. cheddar garlic biscuits from scratch

That was plenty of food for 5 people. More than plenty.

Second the participants. Husband, of course, Sister, her fiance, and Brother Two. First Thanksgiving without Brother One who is in Taiwan with our parents.

Third, things I am thankful for, in no particular order.
1. Family
2. Friends. Those I see in person, those I see only on Facebook, those who have passed way.
3. Being employed, even as stressful as it is in these hard times. The unemployment rate in Atlanta is 10.4%. Thankfully, Husband's job is very stable and he's doing well.
4. Living in the new condo. I. Love. Living. Here.
5. Renting out the old house. The stress level would be even higher it we didn't have that taken care of.
6. Making pottery and knitting. I would be lost without some creative outlet.
7. Joss Whedon. As evidenced by many many posts on this blog, I have fallen down the Whedon rabbit hole. It had been quite an education in storytelling. He is incredibly talented and as I watch more of his stuff, the more critical I have become of TV and other storytelling. Critical in not a bad way. Critical in that I think more about what is going on and how. I have become a less passive consumer of popular culture. And the internet has led me to many blogs and websites that also comment on his work and other pop culture works that helped educate me more.
8. the Internet. Yes it's useful and informative, and you can shop! But it's also full of blogs of people who are interested in the same things I am. Blogs allow comments and encourage feedback and frankly I get a thrill each time I get an e-mail back from a blogger I've commented on or e-mailed. Or when I get a comment on my own blog. It's another sign that some connection's been made and I love that. And I like that a study has shown that the internet fosters connections between people, not isolation.
9. My iPhone. I love my iPhone. And not just because it allows me to read recaps critical commentary of shows I watching. I can also get on Facebook any time.
10. Facebook. I've reconnected with many friends and stayed in touch with many friends via Facebook. I really appreciate it because this year 2 of my friends passed away, and even though I didn't spend very much time with them, I was able to keep up with them via Fiacebook. And I was able to act as a conduit for a FB in NYC to offer condolences to the family of a mutual Atlanta FB friend when she passed away 2 weeks ago.
11. My health. People express thanks for it all the time, but it's true. Life is so much harder when you don't have good health. It's harder for you and for those around you. The only health issue I had this year was the 2 week cold and I felt like crap and able to do so little. I can't imagine what it would be like to operate like that all the time.

Fourth, the shopping. No early morning shopping trips for me. Sister, her Fiance, and I did go to Borders bookstore and Home Depot. At Borders, I got the Firefly DVD set for $20, normally $50. That was my big score of Black Friday. Later in the day, we went to Virginia-Highlands, an Atlanta neighborhood that's also where my favorite yarn shop, Knitch, is located. I spent an hours fondling yarn, but bought nothing. I was quite tempted, though.

So that was Thanksgiving 2009. I think it was quite typical of many people's Thanksgiving this year: time spent with family, eating, taking time to think about what we are thankful for, and some subdued shopping.

Hope everyone else's Thanksgiving was just as happy and peaceful.

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