Monday, November 2, 2009

Flashforward back on

So I watched episodes 4, 5, and 6 yesterday (Black Swan, Gimme Some Truth, and Scary Monsters and Super Creeps).

I'm liking it more. The twists are coming out, there's some character development, especially Janis Hawk and FBI boss Stanford Wedick, or as Television Without Pity calls him "FBI Boss Dude Courtney B. Vance." They get to show some personal background and be badasses. Demetri sings karaoke and gets to crack some jokes for once. Good to see more than just the Bedfords.

My favorite characters so far are Demetri Noh, Janis Hawk, and Wedick. Janis got shot in the abdomen and now the chances of her getting pregnant are practically zero. But her flash forward shows her being pregnant. So are the flashforwards predetermination, one possibility out of many, wishfulment, or self-fullfilling prophesies?

Okay, the show's thrown in enough for me to keep watching. And I'm liking their use of music to support the story, especially in Scary Monsters and Super Creeps. Which shows blue hands. No other shout out to Firefly, though.

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