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Red's Excellent DC Adventure, Jan 2009

I have grant proposals and reports due, but I can't focus, because I'm thinking about my upcoming most-excellent adventure.

A friend of mine has organized Salon 2009, a roundtable to discuss the roles culture, politics, economics, sustainability, the built environment and information will play in shaping the coming years. More info below.

Well, that sounds like fun, so I signed up and plan to drive. I'm staying with Sister, of course. Then I thought, well, if I'm driving, I might as well make plans to see friends along the way. So I e-mailed everyone I know in NC and said "hey, I'm driving through your state on Jan 17 and 21. Let's meet up!"

Long story short, here's my itinerary, so far.

Jan 17: Drive from Atlanta to Falls Church, VA where Sister lives. Take a dinner break 6pm to 8pm in Raleigh, NC with friends from European trip. Estimated to arrive at Sister’s place at 1am.
Jan 18: Hang out with Sister. Meet an old college friend for coffee in the afternoon. Dinner with other friends from European trip who are in town for Salon 2009 and/or Inauguration.
Jan 19: Salon 2009 in the afternoon. Chad is a friend from my European trip and about 5 other fellows from that trip are going too. 2 of them are speakers. Salon 2009 goes from 1pm to 5 or 6pm, then we’ll be going out for drinks afterwards. Some of them are going to balls and such after that, but not me.
Jan 20: Whatever Sister has planned. Very low probability that we will actually be outside on the Mall for the Inauguration. More likely on our butts with a beverage in hand watching it on TV. And warm.
Jan 21: Drive from Falls Church to Atlanta, with a coffee break in Greensboro, NC with Miss Violet from the Lime and Violet knitting podcast! She's from Omaha, NE, but on the latest podcast, she mentioned that she'll be in NC next week, so I contacted her to say "Hey, I'm going to be in NC that time too. Let's meet for a coffee and knitting break." And she said "sure." Estimated to arrive at home at 1am.
Jan 22: sleep
Jan 23: work

I'm really psyched about seeing all these friends I haven't seen a while because we all live in different places. And I'll get the indulge in different passions in my life: sociology, politics, eating and drinking, and knitting.

So, instead of working on, oh, work, I've been surfing the net for knitting projects. I've got a sweater on the needles for Best Friend, and a sweater for me, but I want something new, a small quick project just for this occasion. I'm leaning towards the Bainbridge scarf. I have one skein of silk/merino yarn from Cherry Tree Hill yarn, in the Spring Frost colorway that I got years ago. I'm thinking when the Bainbridge scarf is not folded and tied up against the neck, it can lay flat, like a big necklace/cowl. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

The Inaugural Salon: a gathering on the eve of change - January 19

Dear friend,The German Marshall Fund would like to remind you of an interesting opportunity for those people coming into Washington, DC for the upcoming Inauguration.

Last December, one of our American Marshall Memorial Fellows, Chad Evans (Spring 2007) -- inspired by the coming change in Washington, DC and across the US -- decided to create an event with his close colleague, Paul Soulellis, to celebrate and directly involve you in that change.On January 19, 2009 Chad and Paul will host "The Inaugural Salon: a gathering on the eve of change." Please join them -- and the German Marshall Fund. (
The Inaugural Salon will bring together brilliant and talented friends and colleagues (including several Marshall Memorial Fellows and GMF experts), who are converging on DC to be a part of this historical moment. To catalyze the conversation, a group of incredible speakers will present their personal passion and their hopes for America and the world in 2009.

They are creating an intimate space to engage in conversations about the roles culture, politics, economics, sustainability, the built environment and information will play in shaping the coming years.

But they are also giving back – with a goal to raise $10,000 and give it to an organization that is working to strengthen the future of Washington, DC. They will donate ALL proceeds from The Inaugural Salon to City Year DC -- reflecting the spirit of community and grassroots giving they hope the event will inspire ( please join all of us on the afternoon of January 19, 2009 in Washington, DC at the House of Sweden.

And even if you cannot be with us, please consider giving to City Year at (simply click the big yellow "Register" button and follow the simple directions). Your contribution at any level would make a tremendous difference to the cause and to the spirit they are trying to instill with The Inaugural Salon.Thank you. And please contact Chad if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you later this month!
Chad Evans and Paul Soulellis
The Inaugural Salon January 19, 2009Contact:
Details and registration:

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