Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Day

On Jan 20, 2009 I got up at 6am in the predawn and put on all my clothes and then some. Walked with many, many, many others towards the National Mall.
This was a close as we ever got to the Capitol. We were closer to the Washington Monument than the Capitol. That's the Smithonian castle to the right.
We staked out our place near a Jumbotron by 8am. Sister decided to take a nap while we waited.
By 8:30am I could no longer feel my toes and we still had 2 hours until the inauguration. I thought "a Jumbotron's nothing more than a big TV. There's a big TV (not as big but big) at the apt. Let's go back to the apt." So Sister and I left, leaving our friends. Here's our view looking towards the Wash monument and way off in the distance to the right is the Lincoln memorial.

We had breakfast and coffee to warm up. When we left the restaurant, there were still huge numbers of people streaming toward the Mall. I was a bit surprised. I guess in my head, I thought of the Mall experience as being over and it was for me, but not for them. Everyone was so happy and excited!
We walked 2 miles back to the apt and watched the footage on CNN. The pictures of the entire mall just filled with people all the way back to the Lincoln Memorial was just amazing. I still get a bit verklempt thinking about it.
So, so, so, so many of us have been waiting for this day and here it is, "At Last."

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