Thursday, December 4, 2008

Measuring for the drapes

Still have not closed on the condo yet -- that's next Friday. However, Husband and I did go back to the condo yesterday with the mold inspector. We do have black mold, aka toxic mold. Great.

On top of the stove, frig, and washer and dryer we will need to buy, we can add new water heater and entirely new HVAC system. We were going to leave the w/d in the current house, but they may be making the trip with us now.

While we were there, I took measurements, including the bank of windows that stretch 11 ft tall and 26 ft wide.

Once home, I started measuring our furniture and was happy to see that it should all fit in the new place. Eventually, we will replace our foam and fabric couches with corners scratched up courtesy of a dearly departed cat, with the leather couches we've been wanting for years.

Tomorrow, Husband and I are off to Miami. He's got a work related thing, and I'm just along for the ride. Lucky for us, it's the same weekend at Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.

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