Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yarn Clearance -- Why Knot Knit

A yarn shop in Atlanta, Why Knot Knit, is going out of business. It's located in the Buckhead neighborhood, in an area that's undergoing some serious renovation. All the buildings in about a 5 block area are being torn down and so there's been a major drop off in foot traffic and now the shop is closing.

Yesterday, everything was 40% off and that's how I scored 8 balls of Kidsilk Aura, usually $12 a ball. Fortunately, they took only cash or check. I usually pay by credit card and use cash for things that cost like $20 or so. I only had about $60 on me and even to pay for this stash below, I had to go scrounge around the car for change.

Top row: Walnut, Quarry Tile, Nearly Black, and Forest.
Bottom Row: Antique Bronze, Grace (actually Kidsilk Haze), Loganberry, and Cream (again Kidsilk Haze)

I really love the Loganberry, which is a dark purple. And I just realized that Aura cost $12 and gives 82 yds and Haze cost $13.95 and gives 229 yds. If these balls weren't 40% off, I'd be kicking myself for paying too much for the Aura. Anyway, my choices were limited, and again, it was 40% off. Anyway, moving on.

But not anytime too soon. It's 92 degrees out. I was going to go to the Indie Craft Experience at Olympic Centennial Park yesterday, but it was too hot and the park has very little shade. Instead I went to Why Knot Knit and bought yarn.
Tuesday morning I have a doctor's appointment. Maybe I'll swing by WKK again and see what's left. Next week, everything's 50% off and I'll come prepared with more cash. Not that I need more yarn....

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