Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knitting Queue and other crafts

Went to the Why Knot Knit clearance sale yesterday again. Got more Kid Silk Aura and Kid Silk Haze, in about the same colors. Very slim pickings as this is the last week of their store clearance sale (see previous post about why).

Also picked up a Rowan magazine, for ideas for what to do with all that mohair yarn! When I flipped through it last night, I thought, I know Rowan has their fans, but I'm not one of them. Still, the magazine was 50% off, like everything else left, and there are some patterns I like.

The highlight of my day yesterday was organizing my yarn stash and thinking about the projects I want to make. Here's my project list for 2008:
1. Finish Husband's afghan
2. Finish Brother-in-Law's sweater vest
3. Finish baby blanket for Husband's coworker -- expecting their first, don't know the gender
4. Cardigan for baby for another of Husband's coworkers -- expecting their first daughter. Will make Helena from the new Knitty.
5. Sweater vest for my father -- probably the tennis sweater from Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch
6. Shawl for my mother -- probably from Victorian Lace Today, or the one from Big Girl Knits
7. Cardigan for Sister - yarn already bought, turquoise Lamb's Pride Bulky
8. Cardigan for myself -- using all that Kid Silk Aura and Kid Silk Haze I just bought.

Next July 4 will be my parents' 40th anniversary, so I'm trying to think about what to make for them. I thought it would be great to knit a wedding ring shawl for my mom, but then I came to my senses. I've never knit anything quite so ambitious before, and I'd still have to make something for my dad. Perhaps I'll make something out of pottery.

For their 30th or maybe 35th anniversary I designed a crossstitch piece for them. Maybe I'll design a cross stitch, embroidery, or needlepoint piece. At least I have time to mull it over.

As for pottery, I'm taking a new class, about surface embellishment. In the first class, she gave us wooden spoons with shapes carved in the handle. We have to make a lidded vessel, incorporating the spoon and the shapes somehow. My spoon had a crescent moon, so my lidded jar has to have the crescent moon motif.

I like how the teacher has really pushed us to think about what we're making. Made me realize that I've fallen into a rut. Usually I make bowls with the same surface designs.

So in the spirit of branching out, I will make a baby cardigan (see #4 above), instead of yet another baby blanket. Should be fun. And since I just organized my stash, it should be easy to find 500 yards of machine washable yarn.

But first, must finish a project!

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Tag, your it!

Good deal on the close outs. Hope you figure something out with them.