Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pictures from Savannah -- complete with wildlife

Over the weekend, Husband and I went to Savannah, Georgia. Saturday night we had dinner with his secretary who was having a girls' weekend with her mother in Savannah too. It's kind of interesting to go bar hopping with your husband, his secretary, and her mom. We saw plenty of wildlife, all of the human kind.

Sunday morning, despite the multiple margaritas on Saturday night, Husband and I got up at the crack of dawn to go to Fort Pulaski national park. A few weeks ago, Husband was in Savannah for work (I couldn't go with him because of my work) and went out to Fort Pulaski early to get some exercise in before starting the day. He saw deer and wanted me to go with him this time.

We got to the entrance to the park and found that the gate at the bridge to the park was still closed. So we left the car on the side of the road and walked across the bridge. Didn't take any pictures but is was nice and peaceful with river (pretty sure not the Savannah River) below us and one loon. The bird, not a person.

Here is our first encounter with deer at the gate to the visitors center and the fort itself. Conveniently, but unintentionally, Husband's head is in the foreground, for scale. Deer are kind of big. At least I think so, since the biggest animals I see are cats and dogs.
The brick wall doesn't go much beyond what's in the picture, so we just went around it and walked over to the fort. Here you can see the damage from cannon balls way back from Civil War times (I think).

Then we saw this at the edge of the moat:
We didn't get too close to the heron and thank goodness for the zoom lens on the camera. We turned away to look across the field and when we turned back, the bird was gone. Silent the whole time.

Here's deer in the morning mist, as the sun's coming up.On the way back, the mist burned off and we saw these in a clearing by the parking lot:
We took a little path off to the side and it took us down to the Savannah River, where we saw this container ship go by. Global commerce in action.
On the way back to the car, we saw
I guess the gate to the park was now open. And clearly cars don't bother them but people do. They were quite wary of us -- see blurry picture above of them running away from us.

Here's the best pictures of all:
Yes, many pictures of deer, but we're done now.

After Fort Pulaski, we went to Tybee Island for breakfast at the Breakfast Bar (or was is Club?). Then on to the beach, Husband's favorite part.

First stop, the pier, where a little girl found us fascinating and came right up to us to just stare. Then a guy caught this:
Guy was nice enough to bring it closer, saying "look at the eyes!"Here's they're using plyers to take the hook out of it.

Then they threw it back into the water. It landed belly up and slowly we could see it's white-diamond shapve sink into the green water.

After a while, Husband and I went down to the beach where we saw a seagull walking away from a dead fish. I wanted to tell it there were starving seagulls in China:

As we're walking along, I noticed that we were paralleling Husband's tire tracks in the sand. Because we were just strolling, the tracks were kind of meandering and drifted one way and then another, with little turns. So we made a little artwork. I call it "Overlapping Tire Tracks."

First Husband rolled across the sand, making sure to put in interesting curves. Then he turned around and came back, being careful to retrace on tire track. Here he is coming back around for another pass:

And then another pass. The pier is in the back ground, with a little gazebo at the end and a little dark blue sliver of the Atlantic Ocean.
Back and forth, back and forth. And now the final piece. I like the ends, where he pivoted around, creating the outer curve and little divots of sand:

And to end this post, I wrote this in the sand:

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Great set of memories. Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun!