Sunday, December 23, 2007

Heading North

Tomorrow, Husband and I will join the traveling hordes and fly to Wisconsin, where he's from.

Brother One will house- and cat-sit, and give us a ride to and from the airport. It'll be so nice to not have to worry about finding parking at this late date.

Earlier this year, I discovered cashmere. In January this year, I started shopping the after-holiday sales, and scooped up a few cashmere sweaters. Then this holiday season, Kohl's had cashmere sweaters on sale half off. So Sister and I picked up a few more.

That should keep me warm. I'm no longer accustomed to snow and cold Wisconsin winters, so I'm going to need all the wooly warmth I can get.

Knitting projects I'm packing:
  • Brother-in-Law's half-finished vest in KnitPick's superwash wool in Truffle.
  • Brother Two's Chinese Coins afghan in KnitPick's superwash wool in grey. The afghan will be knit in strips then sewn together, so I'm just taking 2 skeins of grey for the grey sashing, discussed here.

We're trying to travel light, so that's it.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

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