Thursday, December 6, 2007

Leaning towards Hazy Corners

The more I look at that picture (see previous post), the more I like the idea of using the Rainbow of Malabrigo to make my own Hazy Corners.

I'm also wanting to reorganize my stash. Currently, it's mostly organized by fiber content, then by color within each group. There's a separate section for machine washable wool. It's from that section that I pulled the yarns for Brother Two's afghan.

The fact that I pulled the sock weight yarn from Brother Two's afghan's box o' yarn got me thinking about rearranging the stash by weight. Most of it is worsted weight, but I have lace, sock, and bulky too.

But then, looking at my Rainbow of Malabrigo, now housed in its own little basket, makes me want to organize them by manufacturer. After all, right now, all the Manos del Uruguay are together. All the Lion Brand Landscapes are together. The KnitPicks and Cascade 220s are split up by color.

I'm thinking I should divide by machine washable vs hand wash only. Then by weight with in each. Then by manufacturer. Then by weight. I might find more appropriate yarns for the Hazy Corners afghan that way.

Plus I have 5 hanks of superwash worsted weight Bare from KnitPicks that I can dye. I have been so impressed by how soft that yarn is.

The yarns allocated for projects will be housed separately.

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Stacey said...

Hazy Corners will be so cool knitted up. Can't wait to hear how it progresses. Me, I've been sewing up a storm.