Friday, April 13, 2007


Amsterdam was the last stop on my European trip, and this time it was all for pleasure, no business. In Amsterdam, I met up with my husband.

Some of the other fellows from the fellowship extended their trip to Amsterdam as well. Here I am with one of the other fellows on the fellowship. The other two guys are my husband and the husband of another fellow (and here is an example of the need to find a gender-neutral term, other than fellow and fellowship) who took the picture, so she's not in it.

We are at a great Indonesian restaurant called Kantil and the Tijger, having ristaffel. Essentially, you get lots of little dishes of differnt kinds of foods, to go with your white rice. Shyam was thrilled to have ethnic food. It wasn't Indian, but it was close enough for him. He kept saying how happy he was about the food. We all were.

Here we are touring the Heineken brewery. I have to say, after drinking the Belgian beer, I found Heineken to be watery and flavorless. Not that it stopped me from finishing the beer that came with the tour.

Now for the postcard pictures.
Look -- pretty row houses

The Dutch have much classier double-wides than we have here in Georgia.

This picture cracked us up. It's the Dutch National Monument, and it's a huge phallic symbol. Check out the guy with his arms up on the right.

Here's a close up of the guy on the left side of the monument. Be sure to walk with your pelvis out front!

Statues at the Rembrandtsplein park.

Someone decided to improve on it.

Full moon over a canal. Very romantic. Trust me on this.

That would be 1 Euro, 30 cents. 1 Euro = 1.33 US dollars. Don't know how big the beer was.

Here is a snack platter we ordered in Amsterdam. Starting on the left side of the plate and going clockwise, we have cheese cubes, 2 dipping sauces, batter fried chicken nuggets (real pieces of chicken, not reconstituted chicken paste), meatballs, and the red stuff on the right side of the plate are pieces of sausage. However, I don't think it was cooked meat. Very tasty none the less and no one got sick. In the little tray are quarters of pickled onion, little pickles and spicy mustard. And beer, of course.

At Vondelpark, this was a tree that fell over at some point, but it's still alive. There were leaves budding on the tips. But I like to joke that I was so strong, or so heavy, that I pushed it over.

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