Thursday, July 14, 2011

Progress on the 5 year quilt

As I posted before, I'm motivated to finish my 5 year quilt. I have started sewing the pink border to the blue/green field. I like the contrast of the the neat seams w/ the raw edges.

The label says [row] 27, bottom, 353 to 358. This means it's row 27 of pink diamonds, it goes along the bottom of the quilt (the picture's upside down), and it's the row of diamonds #353 to 358. Out of a total of 469 pink diamonds. And there are 238 blue/green diamonds.

I had originally cut out green diamonds to go around the pink, and then finish with yellow half and quarter diamonds. Depending on how I feel when the pink to blue joining is done, I may skip the green and just go to yellow.

Have not decided on what to do about the back yet. Need to know how big the top ends up being first.


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