Monday, June 13, 2011

Carnaby skirt

Pattern: Carnaby skirt from
Started March 1, 2011, finished June 13, 2011.

It's written as a mini-skirt, but I lengthened it. Cast on 120 stitches instead of 80.
Used fingering weight linen yarn held double on size US 5 needles, instead of worsted weight on US 8.
Yarn was from a former friend's mother's stash.
Used all 18 (?) skeins of yarn, including the swatch.
Added a draw string, to help keep it up.
The button holes were 4 stitches wide, but should have been 3.
Wooden buttons bought from Hancock Fabric.

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KnitTech said...

Very nicely done. The yellow looks really good on you.