Monday, June 1, 2009

current crush

Like many people, I have irrational crushes on celebrities. The ones that you a bit embarrassed to admit.

However, this blog is relatively anonymous, I'm pretty sure I know who's reading this, Husband knows about this crush, and it's 1:30am, the time for deep confessions, so I'm just going to come out and say it.
I have a crush on Alan Tudyk.
I first met him as Wash on "Firefly". A Joss Whedon show cut down in its first season. A show I've been watching over and over, because it's good, and because I get very bad reception on my TV here at the new place and have been rewatching the series and movie, Serenity. Wash is married to Zoe, the kick ass warrior woman, and he's secure enough in himself to be okay with that. Gotta love a man like Wash, and an actor willing to take on that role.
He was Alpha on Dollhouse, Whedon's current show.
He's well built with the big broad shoulders I love. He's a comic actor. As a reviewer once wrote, he straddles the line between handsome and goofy. Sometimes he looks like Gromit, of Wallace and Gromit. He has those funny puppy dog eyes that often look worried or questioning.
As he himself put it in an interview on Entertainment Weekly, he has a Ned Flanders body. Looking rather shapeless in loose clothes, looking good in tight clothes, or none at all, as I will find out in "Death at a Funeral" when it gets sent to me eventually by Netflix.
What's not to like? Heck, he's going to be in the remake, excuse me, the reboot, of the 1980s show V, which I loved the first time around when I was a kid. I hope he gets to kick ass and crack wise. But mostly with the shirtless funny, please.
But I know this crush will not last. My last crush was Jason Bateman of Arrested Development. Although...Husband and I have been Netflixing Season Two of AD, so that crush may yet rise again. Maybe now that I've gotten this confession out into the open, it will fade away. And in the future, who knows what handsome thing will catch my eye?
However, as I told Husband today, Husband's my permanent crush.

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Stacey said...

My crushes: Jim DeVita at American Players Theatre and Matthew Macfadyen playing roles from classic lit. Yum.

Matthew is very, very tolerant of my crush on Jim DeVita. Even when I say, "Ooh, la, la; Jim Devita." What a wonderful husband I have.