Friday, February 13, 2009

New fave blog (Snark-tastic!)

There's a new blog on my blogroll: Cleolinda. It's like a rabbit hole I've fallen in and haven't found the way out.

I found Cleolinda by searching the New York Times for "Twilight." Yeah, I've fallen down that hole too. So the Freakonomics guy on NYT wrote how he was at the airport with nothing to read, so got Twilight and got sucked in too. One of the commenters pointed to Cleolinda's chapter by chapter snark-tastic summaries and they are hilarious.

As much as she makes fun of them, her blog is full of Twilight stuff, so she isn't a complete hater.

She has a zillion sites online, it seems. Her Movies in 15 Minutes are gold. She also has a site called the Secret Life of Dolls, where her LOTR, Twilight, and other movie action figures have their own dramas. It is, again, hilarious.

(Note to self: must find another adjective, other than hilarious.)

Anyway, her Twilight reviews and Movies in 15 Minutes had me laughing outloud.

Apparently Cleolinda's been online for so long, there's a ton of past posts to read. Fun!

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