Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today, we finally closed on the condo! Woo hoo!

Currently, my commute looks like this. That's the Atlanta skyline below. The exit sign says Six Flags over Georgia. That's how far out of town I live. In my commute, I start way out on the west side, drive through the city, and out the other side, to my office.

Yeah, 26 miles/45 minutes one-way.

At my new place, the commute will be only 10 miles. But I'll be using surface streets, not the freeways, so it'll still take me some time, about 30 minutes. Yay! If I choose the right route, I can easily swing by my favorite yarn shop, Knitch in Virginia-Highlands. Double yay!

And I have options for a pottery place: Callanwolde (near Virginia-Highlands), Chastain which is way on the north side, or Mudfire, which is 10 minutes from the office. Hmmm. But it'll be a while before I start pottery again. Need to figure out all the house stuff first.

The condo has a terrible mold problem, so tomorrow, we're having a mold remediation service come in. Once that's done, we'll have the HVAC people in. Then the duct cleaners. Then the flooring people. Then the painters. Then the roller blind people. Then we move in! Yay!

And at some point in there, we'll buy a refrigerator. And figure out what to do with our current house.

All that's yet to come. For now, I'm just celebrating that after 3 months, we finally, finally, actually got to close!


NatashaJ said...

That's great! You might want to Google Map the nearest Home Depot or Lowes: you'll be making several trips in the next few months. I hope the move is a smooth one.

KnitTech said...

Congrats!! Now the real work begins.