Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby blankets and beer

This post is about 2 unrelated items.

First, a picture of the other baby blanket I'm working on, for another of Husband's coworkers. This will be their third baby and their first girl.

I was going to make it based on an African pattern, but I think I'm going to go with these alternating squares instead.

I've also started the Mondrian blanket, beginning with the red square. Today I went to a conference and took my knitting. Finally during the last workshop, I arranged two chairs in front of me and cranked away at the garter stitch. Tomorrow's the second and last day of the conference, so more knitting time!

And now the beer. On March 15, Husband and I bottled our first batch of homemade beer, a Dortmunder. According to the German Beer Institute, Dortmunder beer is:
A Westphalian lager that originated in Germany's steel and coal district along the River Ruhr in the 19th century. Dortmunder is the laborer's answer to the elegant, aromatic deep golden Pilsner from Bohemia and the straw-blond, brilliant, malty Munich Helles. Dortmunder is a full-bodied, moderately hopped beer of at least 5% alcohol by volume. It became the favorite quaff of coal miners and heavy industry workers in the first half of the 20th century.
Okay. Well, I can tell you it is hearty, a bit bitter and hoppy, and strong. Husband and I were happy to see that it was carbonated and Husband had a sip or two before I got a picture:

So, success!

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KnitTech said...

Both look very good.

Congrats on the first batch of beer.