Saturday, November 17, 2007


This week, at work, we conducted a national training for about 15 women from 7 or 8 different states, representing 9 or 10 different ethnic groups. We went pretty much non-stop from 9am to 5pm. Some evenings we did workshops too. And the other nights we didn't have workshops, I took some people out on the town.

As usual we went to Auburn Avenue and drove by the old Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King Jr preached, the new Ebenezer Baptist Church across the street, the two MLK centers next to the churches, his and Coretta Scott King's burial memorial, his birth home, and so on through the historic preservation district, down to Studioplex at the end of the street. Studioplex is a converted warehouse (at least it looks like a converted warehouse) with artists shops and work studios on the first floor and apartments above. Even though we're driving through at 8pm when everything's closed, it's still a cool thing to do.

This I did twice this week and another staff did once.

I also took people to Centennial Olympic Park downtown, near the CNN headquarters, the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola (one gigantic advertisement for the drink that built Atlanta), and Imagine It! children's museum. The ice skating rink is up and going at Centennial Olympic Park, and the Christmas lights are up too.

All in all, it was a great training. It makes all the stress, even with Complaining Employee, worthwhile.

And now, I am tired.

But no sleep for me. I have to clean the house for Thanksgiving. Sister, Sister's Boyfriend, Brother One and Brother Two are all coming over. Since they're siblings, and younger siblings at that, I figure as long as there are clean sheets and towels for them and cat hair is kept to a minimum, we're okay. But Husband has higher standards than that so there's more work to be done.

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