Friday, November 11, 2011

Japanese and Taiwanese Craft Books

The crochet books are from Japan, the Katchwork book is from Taiwan.  The book at the lower left is from Japan but I bought the Chinese language translated version in Taiwan.

My favorite book is the lower left, by the collective Knot.  Below are the 2 pieces that made me want to buy the book:

And this picture makes me want to dress like this:
The pieces are simple crocheted bits made with DMC embroidery thread, combined in ways I hadn't thought of.

The book with the red flower is full of crocheted flowers.  And I got it for the red flower on the cover.

Below is the hat that I got the pale crocheting book for:
Here's the pattern for it:
It is highly, highly unlikely that I'll make this hat.

Below is the Avril yarn company retail section at the Handicrafts department of a department store in the Shinsaibashi shopping area of Osaka, Japan.  The yarn is sold by the gram off the cones. 
Here's the wool yarn I bought there:
The Katchwork book is written by a woman named Kat who was inspired by American quilts of the 1930s (really, 1920 to 1950s).  There are instructions for making American scrap quilts as well at items like these below.

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That hat is awesome!