Monday, April 4, 2011

Wonder Women, X-Men, and other comix

I've really been enoying Project: Rooftop (in sidebar) and with the discussion of the new Wonder Woman tv show, been thinking about the costume. Plus I got back into drawing. I think this week I'm going to try drawing:

  • South Asian WW in a (shortened) sari and leggings. Really, how can anyone fight in full skirts?

  • Central Asian WW in a salwar kamez (knee length tunic, long pants) with golden lasso as the scarf

  • Korean WW in a shortened hanbok, with pants

  • Vietnamese WW in ao dai (like a Chinese cheongsam but with higher slits up the side and long pants)

  • Nigerian style top and skirt set, but shorter skirt. And maybe leggings. I'm thinking of Precious Ramotswe as Wonder Woman.
And also, the women of Firefly as Wonder Woman.

  • Zoe would be easiest, just change the colors of her usual outfit and add the golden lasso instead of mare's leg gun.

  • Inara would be pretty easy too. Again, take a usual outfit, change colors, add a WW details and you're done. Plus we also know she can use a sword and bow and arrow.

  • River would already has boots. I'd put her in big baggy top, skirt, leggings, boots.

  • Kaylee would be hardest. I'm going to have to think about her outfit.
So the details, as I see it, that are crucial to the WW outfit are:

  • gold headband with star

  • golden lasso

  • WW logo somewhere

  • a few more stars

  • cuffs

The colors would be red on top, blue skirt or black leggings/pants, stars in gold or silver, cuffs in gold or silver.

I want to try reading more comics, and will start with the New X-men. I'm looking for strong female characters of color. And mutant-ness is a pretty transparent analog to discrimination in the real world, so I like that. I've asked Dean Trippe (editor of P:Rooftop) for recommendations and he recommended the New X-men. Also asked Glenn Weldon on NPR and he recc'ed the Runaways, which I have already read. I'm looking forward to the movie, but I hope they don't whitewash Nico like they did Avatar the Last Airbender and may do with Akira.

ETA: watching Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths on Netflix watch instantly. I think I like the Superheroes more for the visual style rather than the plot. Enjoying the costumes, enjoying picturing Mark Harmon (who I watch as Gibbs on NCIS) doing the voice of Superman, enjoying Gina Torres as Superwoman, and the Flash as I guess comic relief.

Also, been reading Gunnerkrigg Court, a webcomic. Got volume 1 from the library then read the rest on line. I find the artwork is very important to me. If I don't enjoy the visual style, then I'm just going to have a hard time reading the comic. And I like a certain amount of stylization.

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