Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Eyed Peas and Comic Con

I live in a condo next to the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium, over looking Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.

Thursday there was a notice in the elevator that on Friday the street in front of World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium would be blocked off for a private event, and that there would be a big-name band playing that private event from 8pm to 9:30pm.

Husband did some sleuthing, like calling the Atlanta Police Dept to see who had the permit to block off the street, and found out that the private event was Microsoft's global sales conference. He called the World of Coke to ask about the band and whoever he talked to thought Husband worked for Coke headquarters and was testing him. So Husband got no info out of them.

Friday night, Husband and I went out into the Park and saw a huge stage set up in the park between World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium. There were privacy fences set up around the street so we couldn't get too close, but we saw lights and heard the music.

Turns out the band was the Black Eyed Peas. Right at 8pm they started and they ended at 9:30pm. We found a place in the park to hang out and listen. We could see the big screens with our binoculars. In the picture above, you can seea cluster on tiny people in red shirts. Those are World of Coke employees standing on the roof of the WoC. I think they had the best seats for the concert.
So we enjoyed a free concert of a band we have actually paid money for to see earlier this year.

And, while the concert was going on in Atlanta, I was following Whedonesque and others on my iPhone Tweeting about San Diego Comic Con.

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KnitTech said...

Free concerts are a kick.