Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston Marathon

No, I didn't run it, Brother in Law did. He did the marathon in 3 hours, 17 minutes. He came in number 4170ish out of 25,000 runners. Pretty darn good!

Husband, Mother in Law, and I were in Boston to support him. Poor BIL. He's all focused on what he can and can't eat and drink in preparation for the run, and the rest of us gorged on seafood, beer, scotch and whiskey. We were sure to have some Italian, some Irish, and some sea food while there. And the appropriate spirits.

Now that Husband and I live in the city, we took the metro to the airport and used the metro in Boston. Not every station in Atlanta or Boston had elevators or even escalators, but we got around okay.

All in all, a good trip despite the cold and drizzle. It was fun walking around North End, a real city neighborhood where people live and shop in the walk ups. Boston's such a compact city, it was really easy to get around even walking.

MIL, however had a harder time, since she had both knees replaced, arthritis in her feet, and overweight, putting more strain on her knees and feet. She walks really slowly and has a hard time taking stairs. In someways, she's even more mobility impaired than Husband who used a wheelchair, but very healthy and strong in all other respects.

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