Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cross stitch show

Over the weekend The Sampler Guild of Georgia opened an exhibit of cross stitched pieces. They were lovely. I used to do cross stitch but haven't in years. This made me want to pick it up again.
On the face of it, this one seems easy enough to do. But just think of the counting you have to do to make sure each motif is nicely spaced apart from each other.
This long one was pretty cool.
The green at the bottom was achieve by stitching in a checkerboard pattern in green. Here's a close up. The intricacy of the border alone on this one is impressive. Again, each element, each letter, zig-zag, or swirle doesn't look hard, but each one needs to be done precisely to achieve the overall look.
These Santas aren't by cup of tea, but are done very well.
I love this red house. Apparently, the pattern for each room was mailed separately, like mystery shawl knitting patterns are done, and the entire picture doesn't emerge until end.
This one has a different feel, and I like the verse about the lady leave alone the fake flowers and enjoy the real roses instead. Which is ironic, considering the pattern is all about stitching fake flowers!
This last one uses all kinds of needlework, including pulled thread work.
Maybe one day I'll go back to cross stitch. I still have all the DMC floss....


Stacey said...

This will come to no surprise to you that my favorite stitchery you featured is the red one of the rooms in a house. I want that one!!!!! I'll google around and see if I can hunt it down.

As I think I told you before, I'm pretty much only stitching samplers these days. I wish I could have attended this show with you. It would have been fun.

I laughed when I read your comments about all the counting one would have to do to get everything centered right. Do you remember the Charlotte Bronte sampler I designed? And how I had to redo a particular line several times to get it properly centered? I still don't understand how it was so difficult when the math was really quite simple. I still have it stored safely away until I can afford to get it framed.

Stacey said...

I found it! It was designed by Gay Ann Rogers. The mystery project was done in 2007. I haven't found a pattern for it yet, but I did find a number of very neat redwork projects that I'm interested in doing.