Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last week, I was at a retreat, held at Serenbe, a planned community of 900 rural acres with three hamlets where all the housing and development is concentrated. It's 30 miles south of Atlanta but so totally rural you wouldn't know you were only half an hour from a major city.
Now, you know you're in the country when you have not only horses, but donkeys and pigs too.
Only one of the three planned hamlets are built up. You can see pictures by clicking here but here's a taste:The homes are a mix of architectural styles: rustic, brick, white concrete modern. All the homes are about 2 or 3 stories and some have stores or restaurants on the first floor.

I got to stay at a 2 bedroom apt above a storefront. It was quite a novelty for me because it had stairs. I live in a ranch and since my husband uses a wheelchair, stairs are strangely, something to savor. That was, until I had to haul my luggage up those stairs.

Second floor was the kitchen and sitting area.

view out the back, a gravel courtyard with shops and more homes around it.

The third floor was 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Notice the very tall bed. And all the white! It was like living in a home styles magazine.

I loved it there. Except that it was so rural, that my cellphone didn't get a signal. I used a land line (that's a novelty too, now) to call Husband to say that we have to come back some day, perhaps for dinner, and have a little drive in the country.

Once the gas prices come down.

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KnitTech said...

Gas has dropped 30 cents out here in Idaho.